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About Harriet Cooper

At Harriet Cooper Sport Horses we focus on buying and producing a certain standard of horse to meet clients requirements.

After a successful pony career my dream has been to train young horses to a high level in Showjumping. Over the years the sport has become more and more challenging for both horse and rider. Therefore it is vital to have admirable ability underneath us.

My philosophy is that my horses always come first, I think its extremely important to make sure my horses are fit and healthy, It’s a top priority to success. Like humans our horses will go the extra mile for us when they feel appreciated and cared for.

It is key to take your time with horses and let them develop at their rate. I like to make a programme for each horse and treat them as individuals. They love routine!  To be able to achieve such results in the ring we have to admire how precious and valuable these animals are. Building trust to connect with our horses as a team. 

Showjumping is a mental and psychical challenge that involves a serious amount of hard work and dedication. With ever set back we have to look for ways to improve on our mistakes. 

Although my main passion is horses I also like to find and train ponies for our up and coming young stars. My goal is to provide children with mini versions of our top young horses!